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As a courtesy, we wanted to advise you of a construction delay with the 2017 enhancement plan that was originally scheduled to take place during weeks 18 to 43. Construction will now extend into weeks 44 and 45 as crews work diligently to complete the remodel of the Palmas building as part of the 2017 enhancement plan for Club Cascadas. Please be advised that there will be moderate to heavy construction on site and our dedicated on-site team continues to work hard to minimize the noise and disturbance.

If you would like to deposit your week and trade to a different week at Club Cascadas, please contact Owner Services at Trading Places International at 800-365-7601 ext. 1. If you would like to have your week used by another member and have your 2017 dues reimbursed, please contact Barbara in the on-site sales office at 888-846-5571 or and she will do her best.

Or, if you would like to exchange your week at Club Cascadas for a beautiful luxury two bedroom villa at sister resort Club Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta, the Giddings family is making available the use of any of the unsold villas from May to October. Contact Dave Stoenner at the Giddings office at 949-640-8740 ext. 103 or

On behalf of your Board of Directors and the Giddings Family
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