About Us

Trading Places International opened its doors in 1973 as a full-service travel agency in Southern California. Today, with a focus on quality, value, and personalized service, Trading Places is a vertically-integrated provider of exchange and leisure services to more than 300,000 vacation owners including onsite property management at over 20 resorts located throughout the mainland United States, Hawaii, and Mexico. Trading Places is headquartered in Lake Forest, California, and has approximately 250 employees.

Why Trading Places?

Since 1973, our goal has been to provide quality, service and value to our customers. We believe in red carpet and not red tape, and strive to offer one-stop service. In one phone call, you can exchange your timeshare week, book your airfare and car rental,  even add on cruise or a few extra nights to your getaway… all in hopes of you experiencing a vacation beyond your expectations.

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