Tips, FAQs & More

Exchanging your timeshare week can sometimes be a tricky process! We want to help you create the best vacation experience, including the planning. The following are some helpful tips, frequently asked questions and more to keep in mind when exchanging your timeshare with Trading Places International.

Exchange Tips

  • Plan well in advance – 10-12 months is best if possible.
  • Deposit your week for exchange even if you're not yet sure where or when you want to travel.
  • Be flexible. Give us a few desirable options for location and vacation timing. Have a back-up plan.
  • Avoid requesting a holiday period unless you are giving up a similar period at a different time.
  • Be sure TPI has your correct daytime phone, fax numbers, and e-mail.
  • TPI will assist with complete trip planning including air, car rental, add-on cruising, etc., when your exchange is complete.

Compare & Save

There are many options when choosing an exchange company. You can even do it yourself to save some money...but what about your valuable time? Let us do the work for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your vacation. Our fees are low, our membership club is optional, and our service is exceptional! Click here for more information about TPI's Classic & Prime Memberships.

  Classic Membership Prime Membership
Exchange Fees $169 $144

And More

Choose from one of the following links to learn more about depositing and exchanging your timeshare with Trading Places International.

Frequently asked deposit & exchange questions

Deposit & exchange terms & conditions

Trading Places International is a proud member of the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.), an exchange association comprised of other industry members who network to achieve the same goal: find the best destination for our owners/members. Through C.A.R.E. we are able to locate destinations that may not otherwise be available to Trading Places.