For Our Owners

Dear Trading Places’ Managed Resort Owners,
Hello! We are your Owner Services Vacation Specialists and we are available to assist you in getting the most out of your timeshare. Just a few of the things we do for our managed resort owners are:

  • Booking or confirming your owner use reservation(s) to your home resort(s)
  • Collecting credit card payments for yearly maintenance fees
  • Contacting new owners to review rules and regulations
  • Confirming your plans indicated on your yearly use form
  • Answering general questions about your resort and how this timeshare thing works!

How can we help YOU? The following offers helpful tips and may help guide you to the information you are looking for. If you still need assistance… we are here for you and we want to hear from you!

Thank you for being a part of the Trading Places family.

Your Owner Services Team at Trading Places International

Dedicated Phone & Email

Each resort has a dedicated phone number and email address. Visit our Contact page and select Owner Services & Managed Resorts under Narrow Your Search for your Trading Places managed resort for this info. Owner Services is extension 1!

Find My TPI Managed Resort Phone & Email

Managed Resort Websites

Each resort has its own rules, policies, and procedures…which is why we can’t list all the answers here! We encourage you to visit your resort website often to stay up-to-date on the latest at the property and in the area. You may also find:

  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Rules & Regulations and other association documents
  • Use time calendar
  • Online maintenance fee payment form
  • Frequently asked questions about your resort
  • And much more!

List of Managed Resort & Association Websites

Reservations - Floating Weeks Owners

Reserve early! Reserve early! Reserve early! We can’t stress how important this is if you want to optimize your chances of receiving the week you want… or even a week at all. Yes, if you wait until last minute there may be nothing left! Like musical chairs, if you don’t grab a chair early on, you may be left standing. Please don’t let this be you! For a great explanation about reservations and how weeks can get used up quickly, please read this article “Reservations – A Musical Chairs Experience.”

Read an Article About Why Reserving Early is Important
What is a Floating Week? Review Our Glossary

Your Contact Info

Let us know when you move, update your email address, change your phone number, change your marital status, or have any other significant change in your personal status. The most current contact information is necessary to keep you up-to-date with important notices, maintenance fee statement billings and general communications from your association. Keeping us informed of your current address helps save substantial monies on postage of returned mail, thus helping to keep your maintenance fees low.

Contact TPI to Update My Info

Timeshare Glossary

Does all this timeshare lingo have you confused? Review our glossary of timeshare terms.